It can be hard and agonizing traveling with a baby can be, especially when having to travel via plane. Your baby requires so much crap, that it’s damn-near impossible to get anywhere without hauling 8 pieces of luggage, along with all of the other larger items a baby requires like a crib, rocker, etc. Luckily this company created the ultimate luggage for new parents of babies! It’s called La Multi, and it’s a 6-in-1 suitcase that will contain every larger item your baby might need.

Made by the French company Canailles Dream, meaning ‘Can I Dream’, the unique 6-in-1 baby parent luggage might indeed make parents of newborns dream’s come true for traveling with their little one. When you think about the cost, it might seem like a lot, but just take a look at any high-end luggage on Amazon, and it’s right in the ballpark. Plus it offers 6-in-1 capabilities on top of just being a vessel to carry your babies clothing while traveling.

Empty the base of the luggage and attach the fitted linen to use the suitcase as a bassinet for your baby. This makes a perfect spot for your baby to sleep when staying at a hotel or AirBnB. This is also how you use the bathtub accessory. Using just the base attach the optional bath liner and fill it up with water. An easy drain at the bottom can be removed to easily empty the water when you’re done with the bath.

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