How about an alternative to your morning cup o’ joe that you have to be naked to enjoy? Well here you go, peppermint-scented caffeinated soap! Jump in your morning shower and suds up and you’ll get a bit of caffeine right through your skin served up with a nice therapeutic peppermint aroma. You can start getting your daily caffeine fix before you’re even dressed! And there’s a bonus — topically applied caffeine is reported to be effective in helping reduce the risk of skin cancer as well as in lessening the appearance of cellulite. 

This is a great item to take on vacation with you, especially when you are suffering from jet lag.  What a nice way to jolt yourself back into focus when you have spent a day on the plane, train or automobile.  Peppermint is a great oil to bring you into mental focus and help you get some clear thoughts on your day ahead.  Pair that up with caffeine and you have a shower that will leave you dancing around the house in the morning eager to start your day.

If you know someone that has a hard time getting started in the morning, give them the gift of caffeine in the shower. It’s also a subtle way to give your slacker friends some encouragement to get in the shower in the morning.

Crave it? Get it!

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