It’s getting late and you know you’ll be going to bed soon. You look over at your loving partner and…cringe…No, it’s not because you’ve spotted spaghetti sauce in her hair from the metaphoric wrestling match that was dinner with your toddler earlier in the evening – it’s because you know she’s going to want to cuddle and that means losing all feeling in your arm as you assume the big spoon position. What is a loving partner to do? Get the Coodle Pillow! This pillow allows you and your significant other to cuddle comfortably.

Why are there lights on them…

The pillow is tunnel shaped allowing you room to put your arm through the tunnel which prevents pressure on your arm and thus eliminates the numbness that comes with cuddling. The tunnel shape of the pillow is supported by four arched plastic braces so you don’t have to worry about it collapsing on you mid snuggle. The pillow itself is made of specialty suspension foam for added support and comfort.

If this is what you CRAVE get yours today! $49.00

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