Ever wish you could stay in your cozy warm sleeping bag a little longer? Well, the Gerry Walk-Around sleeping bag lets you sleep, lounge and even walk around all in one convenient piece of gear! If you want, you can stay in it 24 hours a day!

Gerry Walk-Around sleeping bags have armholes that close with zippers and an open drawstring bottom that you can set to walk-around mode. Synthetic insulation offers great performance in damp conditions. It has a built-in hood and outside and inside chest pocket access

Don’t worry about ripped material and broken zippers on your next camping trip. Gerry walk around sleeping bag features high-grade polyester and thoroughly-tested zippers to ensure that you get the same incredible experience on every trip. Enjoy a sleeping bag you can rely on.

If this is something you crave it can be yours for $99.99 (which is a great price for a good sleeping bag!)

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