Wake Up to a Hot and Delicious Breakfast! Craving a savory egg-and-sausage breakfast sandwich? How about a crisp, warm muffin or croissant? With the Ultimate Breakfast Maker from Gourmia, satisfying yoru morning hunger has never been easier. This all-in-one cooking station features a dual-slot toaster with seven browning settings, optional defrost and reheat options, as well as a removable bun rack for warming larger breakfast pastries. On the other side, a multipurpose steamer boils ten or poaches three eggs – and a variety of other foods – for a fantastic meal in minutes.

The Gourmia Breakfast Station consists of two sections: a two-slice toaster on the left and a multi-purpose cooking element on the right. The toaster has wide slots that can fit rolls, bagels, croissants, and other types of bread, so you’re not restricted to loaf slices every single morning, along with seven toast settings that let you vary the toasting intensity, from a soft heating on one end to crispy brown on the other. There’s also defrost and reheat options on the toaster, so you can get the bread exactly to your liking, as well as a removable bun rack for accommodating even larger types of pastries, like muffins and cupcakes. Of course,  just like traditional toasters, the bread pops up as soon as they’re done, so you can go to the bathroom, shave, and come back to hot, delicious bread without any risk of burning.

The multi-purpose cooking section, on the other hand, consists of a heating element that will accommodate swappable trays on top. There’s a tray that will let you boil up to six eggs at time, as well as a steamer tray if you want to feast on vegetables, dim sum, or some other steamed dishes for your morning meal. Want some bacon and scrambled eggs instead? There’s a griddle tray for that, so you can make any unhealthy fried meals that you want without having to mess with the pans neatly stashed up in the cabinet. The tray section even comes with a lid, so you can contain all splatters and keep things a whole lot cleaner. Sure, you can’t make as big a meal as you can as when cooking on a regular stovetop, but we imagine this will do for the way most people tend to have their breakfasts.

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