Some people like to cut their grapes and add them to other dishes, or perhaps have small children that need them cut up to prevent choking. Me? I just pop them in my mouth since they are too delicious to waste time with dividing them up. But if you have to cut them, they are a pain. Why? Because they’re so small. No worries, there’s a handy tool to help. This Grape Slicer easily cuts grapes into 4 even slices.

Using the grape slicer is as simple as it gets, just spread the arms of the grape slicer, put a grape between the arms, and squeeze down. You’ll then be left with 4 perfectly even slices of a grape that you can add into dishes or feed to your toddlers without worries of choking.

Being so small, grapes are hard to cut, because of this, it’s also very easy to slip with a knife and cut yourself while attempting to slice grapes. That’s why this tool is so perfect for all of the different grape slicing duties you may have in your life.

This grape slicing tool is a must have gadget for any kitchen, one that you will use again and again, because it will not only slice grapes, but it also works great on cutting up cherry tomatoes, strawberries and any other small food items. One tool that has a multitude of uses. That’s what we love.

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