Haven is a hammock… only comfortable. It’s a tent… but easy to set up and take down. We’ve combined the best of hammock camping and tent camping into one amazing lay.

Combining the best of tent camping with the best of hammock tenting, the Haven Tent went through many iterations to find the perfect design. A custom air-mattress lets you lay comfortably inside the hammock on both your back or stomach, and two lightweight poles on both ends of the hammock keep the sides away from you so you’ll have plenty of room while inside.

Using a hanging wire connected to two trees where the hammock hangs from, the design gives you a completely flat area to lay in while using the hammock. This way you’ll still get the comfort, freedom, and swaying of a hammock, with the comfort and room of an actual bed inside of a tent. CHECK IT OUT – Just click the CRAVE button!

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