I don’t know why my first instinct…and second and third…is to make fun of the Nubrella. A wearable hands-free umbrella that mounts to your back, shielding you from rain and shading you from sun, no gripping, positioning, or constant adjusting required, is actually a great idea. And I mean, we wear backpacks, and we carry umbrellas, and sometimes we do both at once, and no one thinks that looks like something we got suckered into buying while drunk and watching infomercials.

But somehow the Nubrella, the marriage of backpack and umbrella into one weather-thwarting harness, as practical and logical as it might be, just can’t escape looking super. Duper. Dumb.

In addition to people strollin’ down the street in the rain, Nubrella recommends its backpack umbrella for everyone from soccer moms and photographers to hikers, construction workers, and postal workers and delivery people.

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