The Pindaloo Skill Toy is a great gift for kids and adults alike. And after watching the YouTube video of the U-tube in action, I have to agree. I give the Pindaloo 2 pipe ends up, and have just bought a batch for all my nieces and nephews, plus Mario and Luigi.

The Pindaloo was developed to help children learn through play. In this case the learning comes in the form of hand-eye coordination, agility, and precision; and the play comes through circling a yellow ball – or two – through the Pindaloo tube. I imagine the feel is similar to juggling, with many tricks possible for advanced Pindaloo-ers. With the exception of subbing out the balls for knives or watermelons.

The Pindaloo can help hold the attention of those struggling with ADHD and autism, plus serve as an outlet to funnel stress and anxiety. It also just looks fun, and only, like, 6-out-of-10 likely to break something when used in your mama’s living room. Crave it? Get it! $14.99

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