The Blaze’s contemporary pyramid design consists of 5 sections of precision-cut 3/16″ American steel, which should render the fire tower impenetrable under attack from wind, hail, and yard debris. It’s made to live outdoors for life, and will develop a matte copper-colored patina over time.

In operation the Blaze stores firewood in its bottom chamber, and burns it in the center, sending flames and smoke out the stacked vents leading to the tower’s peak as well as its primary opening. To use the Blaze as a grill or smoker, you’ll need to add on the Accessory Cooking Kit ($169) to your purchase.

You can load the Blaze with either firewood or charcoal for cooking, as well as decide between direct or indirect heat by placing food either on top of the slotted grill grate or hanging it from the meat rack.

This can be yours 499.00. If you crave this get it!

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