I never thought I’d see the day I was writing an underwear review, but these are game changers.

Did you grew up with tightie whities, switched to boxers, or boxer briefs?Boxer and boxer briefs were nice and unrestrictive, but the swamp-crotch, bunching and inevitable “skin adherence issues”. Sport briefs seemed to be the best someone could hope for because while they may have bound a bit, at least they kept parts from sticking to your legs, and they had less material to dig out of wedgies.

Enter the Separatec. If you try them you will immediately by a half-dozen more and have burn every other pair you own. Simply put, they keep the frank apart from the beans, and they keep them all apart from your legs. The material is light and breathable, and doesn’t ride up any more than sport briefs. Best of all, they make the all-day sitting much more bearable.

They are tagless, so that’s good. One word of caution – if you wear fairly thin athletic shorts or the like, you will look like your flag’s flyin’ free (if that concerns you). Trust me you crave this!

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