There are tons of great tools to help you wrap gifts this holiday season, such as this tape/scissors combo, or this unique wrapping paper sleeve cutter, but none quite as handy as this electric tape dispenser. It’s basically for extreme gift wrapping, and will automatically dish out perfectly sized strips of tape at  your disposal without needing two hands to get it.

The automatic tape dispenser machine is of course most likely made for more commercial situations in packaging or an office environment that uses a lot of tape, but no one says you can’t use this for the holidays while you wrap tons and tons of gifts for your friends and family.

If your house is like mine, you significant other currently has around 5 packages a day arriving at your doorstep that need to be wrapped. Nothing makes your fingers more sore than pulling, taping, cutting, and everything else required with wrapping hundreds of gifts. This machine will surely give your body a break, and make you super efficient while wrapping your presents.

You can have yours today! Crave it get it! $299.00

The electric tape dispenser places perfectly measured pieces of tape around a circular shape that automatically rotates around to provide easily accessible strips of tape. Once you take the last strip of tape off the circle, it will automatically dish out more tape using an on-board sensor, and will always leave a full circle of tape strips for your convenience.

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