If you’re looking to display your photos in the coolest way possible, look not further! These unique LED photo clip string lights have an embedded light inside each clip, and allows you to illuminate each picture as it hangs from wherever you want it strung!

The photo clip string lights come in a bunch of different sizes to accommodate any room size or number of pictures you might have, including a smaller 10 clip string light, a 20 clip string light, and even an extra long 40 clip string light.

What’s the best part? It comes in two different powered versions depending on your needs, including one that’s battery powered, and another that can be plugged into an USB port. Just plug the USB plug into any USB wall outlet adapter, or even right into your laptop to power the lights.

You can select between three different light color options to illuminate your photos, including a white, warm white, and a multicolored version that includes an array of colored clip lights.

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