Do you love lobster, oysters, shrimp, crawfish, or pistachios- really any food needing a good peeling – but hate how messy they are to eat? This new Crawfish Boil Tabletop will make eating those messy foods easier and cleaner. All you need to do is place this tabletop on top of a 55 gallon barrel or trash can and watch the scraps go right into the trash…no messy carcass cleanup later.

If you suffer from a shellfish allergy and think this table would be wasted on you…think again! This tabletop is great for any meal that includes “leftovers”. The bones from a nice rack of ribs or chicken…directly into the garbage. Muffins or cupcakes? You won’t be finding wrappers for weeks with this handy tabletop. A 21st birthday shot buffet…the shot glasses can go right into the garbage once the liquid is warmly in your belly.

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