You’ve probably seen the Dunkin’ Buddy, which lets you cleanly dunk your cookies into a glass of milk without getting your fingers wet. But if you’re not someone who dunks their cookies all the way in, or just don’t care, this mug made specifically for dunking cookies into milk might be for you. It’s called the Dunky Cup, and it holds your cookies and has a special spot for holding milk.

The cup is separated into 4 different sections, with a main milk compartment in the middle, and it’s surrounded by 3 other compartments where you can set up to 3 cookies for instant dunking. It works with Oreos, and other similarly sized cookies.

A perfect gift idea for kids who love dunking cookies into milk, the Dunky Cup even works with other kinds of snacks, such as pretzels, biscuits, and more. You can put any kind of dipping sauce in the middle for the best way to snack ever. If you crave this it can be yours for under $20. Just click the Crave This button.

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