Sometimes I’m too lazy to vacuum (yeah, that sounds a lot worse now that I’ve written it down than it did in my head). Sometimes all I want to do is sit down eat chips and binge watch the office (for the 5th time). I can cut it close to people coming over and my house needing to be cleaned. With the Shark IQ Robot Vacuum it gets me one step closer to this goal.

This thing has home mapping which lets you select which rooms to clean—or when to clean them—through the app. You might ask what if I have large rooms? When the batter gets low it will recharge itself and pick up RIGHT WHERE IT LEFT OFF! Most the time I can even do that!

WHAT it empties it self? This vacuum will set you back $399.00 and yeah that is a little pricey, but to never have to vacuum again IT IS WORTH IT!!!! If you crave this GET IT!

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