Dyson Supersonic is a lighter, safer, and quieter hair dryer. Dyson’s hair dryer ditches the bulky motor of old in favor of a new V9 motor that measures just a hair over an inch in width. Despite the tiny size, it’s able to expel up to 13 liters of air per second, giving it enough power to do anything that the hair dryer in your bathroom is able to do. It’s quiet, too, spinning at up to 110,000 times per minute while making one inaudible frequency (basically, the only thing you’ll hear is the hot air rushing out).

It can be used on its own, the dryer also comes with three snap-on attachments for varying the airflow. One pushes out wide gentle air, another blows a strong thin blade of air, and another disperses it evenly for drying curls. If this is something you crave it can be yours for $399.

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