It’s lights out – all lights out – with LightDims Black Out Edition. These light-blocking LED covers are designed specifically to mask the lights on your laptop / desktop computer, appliances, and other electronics. The ones you might find as distracting and irritating to your eyes as Karen, Sharon, Becky, and Chad are to your life in general.

LightDims Black Out Edition come as a sheet of 100+ ultra-black stickers that promise to block 100% of the light emanating from power cords, chargers, consoles, smart home crapola, and maybe even the hotel alarm clock because who cares what time it is, you’re on vacation. LightDims are cut in various shapes and sizes to accommodate most LEDs.

In addition to eliminating the glow for people with trouble sleeping, light sensitivities, and eyeglasses that create a glare, LightDims are also made for those with Big Brother concerns who want to cover up webcams and the like.

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