Have you ever seared your finger prints off by removing something hot out of the microwave. Unless you are a criminal that is a bad thing. The Micro Mate’s heat resistant tray with fold up handles makes it easy and safe to remove hot food, plates, and dishes from your microwave. The cool microwave grip caddy will prevent your fingers from getting burned with handles that stay cool instantly after reheating hot food in the microwave.

Fold out handles and invert down to use as a second level to cook to items at a time. The perfect gift for families cooking large meals to feed the whole household. Securely holds in place plates and bowls without sliding around while removing cooked or reheated foods immediately from microwave, as well as carrying them to your kitchen counters and tables.

Fold down the handles of the Micro Mate and use it to cover foods and prevent splatter. The splatter guard doubles as a steam lid to keep foods moist while messes are contained. Beyond ordinary cookware the cooking ring appliance has channels that are functionally designed to catch any messy spills and boil-overs that may occur on your turntable tray.

If you crave food HOT and desire to keep your prints then you crave this! GET NOW! $10.07

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