Bring the rocky beach and mountain hikes to your desktop with Tumi Ishi Wood Rock Balancing Blocks. “Tumi ishi” is Japanese for piled stones, and refers to the precarious art of stone balancing in nature. These handsome indoor versions are handmade from different woods, with no 2 blocks the same in shape or look, and rock weights varying according to the type of wood carved to make them.

Sold in sets of 7, 11 (this listing), 17, and 22, Tumi Ishi Wood Rock Balancing Blocks will help you combat stress (or enhance anxiety) and pursue a state of Zen (or get progressively more frustrated) with every move. The blocks are intended to boost focus and attention, and promote creativity in kids and adults of all ages.

Woods you might receive in your sets of Tumi Ishi Wood Rock Balancing Blocks including walnut, cherry, aromatic eastern red cedar, sassafras, oak, and maple.

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