Now this is the wearable of the season. I’d take a wearable blanket – hoodie style! – over pretty much any other wearable tech nonsense they’ve got going on right now.

Wearable fitness tracker? Pssh. Why try to burn calories and count them out when I can just yumyumeat’emup!, and then cover them up beneath a fluffy fleece cloud of coziness in front of the TV?

A streamlined version of the Snuggie, this wearable blanket is a little shorter and a little more fitted, making it easier to walk and move around in during wear, in case you want to do something besides lounge around on the couch. Like, say, get up and go to the door to retrieve your pizza delivery. The wearable blanket also has a big pouch-style front pocket for stashing phones, remotes, and snacks.

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