Arts & crafts meets dodgeball! Chameleon Colors Color Balls are little sacks o’ fun – the kind that won’t get you pregnant, and won’t land you in the fetal position if handled the wrong way – filled with chalk powders dyed all the glorious hues of the neon rainbow. Use them as projectiles in the ultimate backyard or┬áparty game, toss them around at shows and festivals, or give the clown next to you a run for his money when you use color balls to juggle.

Color Balls come prefilled with 10 different colors, each of which is good for 50 to 60 pouf! effects upon impact. When the porous vessels exhaust their last color cloud, you can refill them with Chameleon Colors bulk powders and repeat the spectral assault.

Chameleon Colors says their Color Balls are filled with nontoxic powder that’s easy to clean. (Ha! Easy to clean compared to what? An oil spill?) They recommend bouncing, dancing and shake-shaking yourself like a Polaroid picture before introducing soap and water to remove the last bits of your brush with Roy G Biv. $34.99

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