Stick-Lets are little silicone connectors that you can use to connect sticks together to build pretty much anything. Similar to how K’NEX work, the Stick-Lets come with two to four holes that are extremely flexible so you can use sticks, poles, or really anything long and skinny to build a fort out in the backyard using some fallen branches, a shelter when lost in the woods, or a home if you’re really living on the cheap.

The Stick-lets comes in a variety of different colors and are sold in packs ranging from 6 pieces all the way up to 204 pieces depending on your level of commitment to your fort. The Stick-Lets are not meant to be used to support weight (sorry no tree swings), are cleaned using just water and soap (or throw in on the top rack of your dishwasher), and come in a cotton tote bag to easily carry them around.

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