The cultures! They’re alive! And they’re, they’re…about to dive right down my eager gullet. I didn’t love kombucha the first time I tried it, at least not according to my gag reflex, but like anchovies and waxing, the fizzy fermented tea has grown on me. For those also in the I Heart Kombucha Kamp, The Kombucha Shop has put together a Kombucha Brewing Kit for double,-double-toil-and-troubling up your own probiotic goodness at home.

The Kombucha Brewing Kit comes with all of the ingredients and equipment you need for home brewing, including the live cultures and liquid starter, a 1-gallon glass brew jar, pH test strips, and a temperature gauge. If the The Kombucha Shop’s instructions aren’t enough for you, they also have a support team available to answer any kombrewing questions you might have along the way. A post-brewing guide covers how to flavor your finished tea.

Crave This? Get it 39.99

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