Almost 7 years ago, Oru Kayak Kickstarted a new invention – something they called “the origami kayak.” It’s a foldable, packable, lightweight, but entirely paddle-able kayak Oru says comes with “the strength and performance of a hardshell boat, the portability of a suitcase, and a mind-blowingly cool way to transform between the two.” Now Oru Kayak is back on Kickstarter with their latest, further refined origami kayak, the Inlet.

Maybe Oru Kayak had the EDC gear trend in mind when they designed the Inlet, or maybe they just wanted to best their earlier designs. Either way, the Inlet is the smallest, lightest, and most portable of the Oru family. This kayak weighs just 20 pounds, and, thanks to a new fold pattern, collapses down in minutes to a carry size not too much bigger than some ladies’ (ahem, my wife, She-Ra: Princess of Power) handbags.

Unfolded and boated out, the Oru Kayak Inlet extends 10′ long, and is intended for all ages and abilities to paddle on flat water. Interested. Head over to Oru Kayak’s Inlet Kickstarter campaign by October 10, 2019 to learn more and get early bird pricing on the forthcoming origami wonder. It can be yours today $749 – $949

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