Now that you’ve scanned all of your old analog photographs and converted them to digital copies to free up some physical space in your house, The Polaroid Lab is here to help you…uh…turn them all back into hard copies. Trademark Polaroid-picture-style hard copies, of course.

The Polaroid Lab is a digital-to-analog printer the company describes as “your very own desktop darkroom.” Place your smartphone on top of the Lab and use the accompanying app to activate a process that uses real film chemistry, a 3-lens system, and 600 or i-Type film to expose digital photos, and process them into authentic (well, depending on your definition of the word) Polaroid snapshots.

In addition to straight 1970s-ifying your pics, The Polaroid Lab app can add some artistic touches to them with an augmented reality tool, or turn them into artful mosaic with a collage function.

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