When it comes to flies there is something so satisfying about winding up and giving them a good whack with a fly swatter, but the feeling gets a bit less satisfying and a little more terrifying when you’re dealing with june bugs, centipedes, scorpions and more. With the Zappinator you can kill a plethora of bugs on contact – no need for that big windup and then worry as to whether you got them…ahhh!!! The 4500 volts of power will ensure you get them every time!

And what makes the Zappinator even better is that it does double duty! Once you’ve killed that cockroach, you can use the top of the paddle as a scoop to whisk the bugs dead carcass away. Flimsy fly swatters often result in you dropping dead bugs all over your house – yuck! But the rigid frame of this zapper will ensure every bug makes it to its final resting place.

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