This thing is pretty sweet! The pair of add-on screens affix to the back of most any Mac or PC laptop, and then slide out – plus around, and to the right, and to the back with the flexibility of a gymnast – to expand not just the size but the functionality and the versatility of your computer. Without making it any less portable.

You can use Le Slide screens together or individually, to expand the size of your laptop screen, to divvy up apps and programs for easier access (e.g., Overwatch in the center, Spotify on the left, NFL Sunday on the right), or to share screens with friends, co-workers, and clients without lifting, turning, and handing over your laptop.

$399.00 – $499.00 If this is something you crave it can be yours!

WARNING UPDATE: There have been some responses to advocate that is a scam. One response stated: “This place is a scam. If you look into reviews, they’ve been saying this would release for upwards of a year now and have given nothing to those who pre-paid. I preordered mine in October and have had zero communication with them. They have my money, and I don’t have any idea when the product that they already said would be here, will arrive. Please don’t give these people advertisement to scam more people.” As always, buyer beware.

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