GlobalEDC is quick to point out that their ballistic dart launcher “IS NOT A TOY! MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO PURCHASE.” However, the company continues, those who do order the button-operated dart shooter can use it for any number of activities, such as “for fun.” Specifically, it’s great for parties and BBQs, and if you buy two you can have a dart shooting competition with all your family and friends!

Who are, of course, over 18 years old because this ballistic dart launcher “IS NOT A TOY!”

GlobalEDC also recommends the dart gun as a gift for a woman, who they say can use its quick-release buttons and 440C stainless steel impalers as a self defense tool. Its small size makes it easy to carry in a purse or pocket, and a safety cover and protective collar help avoid misfires into feet and very expensive lipsticks. (Like many other easily carried and stored self defense items, these safety features also make the dart gun difficult to access quickly if you actually need it for protection.)

The dart launcher holds 3 reusable darts per round, and comes with 6 total. GlobalEDC says it fires with accuracy at 16′, but its darts can reach total distances of up to 30′. If this is something you crave it can be yours! $25.00

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