I think every cat owner can agree that the greatest nuisance of cat ownership is the whole litter box thing. If you don’t want your whole house to smell you have to scoop up their excrement immediately. You are constantly putting more litter into the box to make sure there is enough to make both you and kitty happy, and then once a week you have to completely change over all the litter because it has just gotten too gross…and then the same ol’ song and dance starts again. Thanks to LavvieBot you can now have a smart litter box in your home that takes care of almost everything for you! Cat ownership has never been easier or more delightful!

This smart litter box senses when your feline makes a deposit and will automatically scoop the package out and into a separate compartment at the bottom of the box leaving your cat with clean, fresh litter. You get to set how long you want your smart litter box to wait before scooping that poop away, though I’m not sure why anyone would want to wait. While kitty is on his way out, there is also a footrest on the inside of this smart litter box to help get all the litter of kitty’s paws to prevent tracking of that pesky litter all over the house. This thing has an app!

If you want to take things fur-ther…you can also connect your LavvieBot to an app on your phone and monitor your cat’s usage of his litter box…just place the slim necklace around fluffy’s neck and you’ll net a notification every time your little fur-ball is doing their deed. The app will also track usage over time and provide you a bar graph (because who doesn’t want a bar graph of their cat’s poop cycles). The app will also let you know if you have enough litter and whether the waste container is full.

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