The STEAM CLIP Travel Multi-Tool endeavors to bring an existing de-wrinkling hack to the button-up shirts and silk dresses of hotel dwellers. And, when you’re not steaming your clothes, you can use the handy hook to cut tags and loose threads, prop up your cell phone, and open a bottle of beer or sodie from the mini fridge.

According to STEAM CLIP, “Travel Pros don’t iron their wrinkled clothes!” They hang them up in the bathroom and use the steam from the hotel shower to do it. Much better and with much less effort than a hot piece of metal and a cumbersome board that takes 10 minutes to open, and then another 10 to break back down. The benefit of using a STEAM CLIP to complete the steamy shower hack is that it fits over the door or rod of all different shower types. Many hotel hangers dangle from hooks that are either “locked” in the closet so you can’t steal the hangers, or that fall off or hang awkwardly when you try to use them anywhere else.

If you carry the STEAM CLIP with you, you can also use its hook in public restrooms to hang your jacket and / or bags while you use the john. Like at airports, where the stall I choose invariably has an empty hole and dent marks where the built-in hook that was there broke off and wasn’t replaced.

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