The 7″ x 7″ WaterLily uses flowing water or wind to generate up to 15W of power for most any USB device, including smartphones, battery banks, cameras, lanterns, speakers, and GPS finders. One benefit of the turbine over solar panels is that if you’re camping near water or have a nice breeze, you can set up the WaterLily to charge overnight in the dark so you’ll have full batteries in the morning.

  1. Class Leading Blade Design Blade design has been perfected from nearly 10 years of research and development.
  2. Frictionless Drive Charge in water flows less than 1mph, or from strong gusts on windy days.
  3. 10 Foot Charge Cable (Not drawn to scale) Keep your devices safe while charging with our abrasion resistant cable.
  4. 20% More Power Upgraded circuitry and electrics means WaterLily pushes out 20% more power than the original turbine.
  5. Durable, Drop-Proof Housing Throw it in! Built to keep the power going through the bumps and bruises of outdoor adventures.
  6. Removable Stainless Steel Lanyards Set up and mounting options are limitless thanks to 4 flexible removable lanyards.
  7. Sealed Female USB Connector Up to 15W when you need it, waterproof flaps to keep the USB port clean and dry when you don’t. (USB Output Option)

Crave it get it! $159.00

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