If you own a Jeep and haven’t turned the top of it into a hammock yet, you’re owning a Jeep wrong. What would be better than taking your Jeep off-road and once you get to a suitable resting spot, hop up on the top of your Jeep, slide into your hammock, and have some lunch while gazing at the beautiful nature around you. This unique little device will turn your open-top Jeep into a hammock area, and when not being used as a hammock, it doubles as just a simple soft-top for your Jeep.

It’s called the┬áCar Roof Waterproof Hammock Car Bed Rest for Jeep Wrangler, and it’s made from cloth material, is easily installed onto the bars of your Jeep wrangler in mere seconds using the Velcro straps, and it comes in either red or black colors to choose from. If you crave this, it can yours just click the “I Crave This” button! $24.29

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