The Somnox Sleep Robot is a teddy bear for adults. The stress reliever and sleep aid is ergonomically designed as a cuddle-friendly peanut, but also does much more than bring comfort through its plush, huggable nature.

As a sleep robot, the Somnox works to help you fall asleep faster by emitting slowed-down breathing rhythms for you to mimic. This helps to regulate your own breath, plus lower your heart rate and blood pressure. As you fall into a state of slumber, Somnox plays audio it says is “scientifically proven to stop unwanted sleep disruptions.” The slow-paced music “encourages a semi-hypnotic or meditative state and reduces feelings of stress.” It shuts off after you’re asleep.

When you’re feeling frazzled outside of snoozing hours, the Somnox Sleep Robot can also serve as your grounding nut, an external point for thought focus that may help clear your mind and ease immediate stress and anxiety. An accompanying Somnox app allows for personalizing setting and preferences for your ideal night’s sleep.

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